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In Swahili,the official language of the Republic of Kenya, "safari" means “journey, exploration, discovery”.

The unforgettable encounter with wildlife in their natural habitat, stunning natural vistas, memorable and magical sunrises and sunsets, the warm and hospitable nature of the Kenyan people, where your imagination is liberated, all led to the Safari being conceived here and now offers you a chance to experience a unique and indelible trip of emotions.

Kenya is one of the richest and most blessed countries in Africa in terms of nature and bio-diversity. This is also the land of the "Big Five" (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo) as well as giraffe, various antelopes and gazelles. Over 500 species of migratory and resident birds can be found, sometimes in their millions enjoying the beauty of unique lakes set on the floor of the Great Rift Valley i.e. lakes Naivasha, Nakuru, Elementtaita and Baringo.

Kenya offers a wide and varied choice of well-managed National Parks and Reserves where you can observe wildlife. These include the legendary Amboseli, where on a clear day you may have the privilege of catching a glimpse of awesome Mt. Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania, the extensive Masai Mara where you will witness the magical but real 8th wonder of the world, the expansive Tsavo National Park, famous wildlife lodges around the only snow-capped mountain on the Equator : Majestic Mt Kenya, the epic Samburu and Shaba, home of the Adamsons, and Meru National Park which is the most recently opened Park.

Kenya Safari Explorer also offers Safari in private reserves and concervancies where bird-watching, nature trails and night game drives are allowed.

Safari in Kenya : coracias caudatus lilac breasted roller ghiandaia marina pettolilla rollier a longs brins carraca de pecho violeta amboseli national park


24/08/2015 - Sophie, R. (Marseille, France)
Un merveilleux safari en famille. Souvenirs qui resteront à jamais gravés dans nos mémoires et nos coeurs. Un grand merci à Jean-Pierre et Kenya Safari Explorer.

16/03/2016 - Silvia & Mario B. (Genova, Italy)
Se prima di partire ci avessero chiesto cosa ci aspettavamo non avremmo potuto immaginare nemmeno la metà delle emozioni che abbiamo vissuto nei quattro giorni di Safari. Grazie alla competenza, preparazione e pazienza di Alberto e Jean Pierre abbiamo scoperto angoli di Africa e vissuto emozioni che vanno oltre ogni programma. Con professionalità, sicurezza e discrezione ci hanno lasciato assaporare ogni momento senza mai farci mancare adeguate spiegazioni. Esperienza unica da ripetere e sicuramente da consigliare. Grazie ancora Silvia e Mario.

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