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About Kenya Safari Explorer

Our staff is composed of one French and one Italian guide along with Kenyan experienced drivers always listening to your needs and requirements and all are fluent in English.

For us it is a true passion : with Kenya Safari Explorer to go on Safari means not only take photos of animals, but also and especially to make you know and understand what we are exploring i.e. flora and fauna, ethnic diversity or simply tracks signs and unique natural features on the numerous roads and trails we transverse.

We propose Safari “à la carte” following your desires, taste, expectations and personal preferences.

Your “tailor made Safari” will have the privilege of a fully equipped 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser meant for your personal comfort and convenience with the option of a fully opened game viewing hatch roof allowing you to observe, take photos and “live and feel” the silent melody of African Magic.


Alberto MICHIELI, Kenya Safari Explorer

Born 08/09/1968

Jean-Pierre MONTI

Jean-Pierre MONTI, Kenya Safari Explorer French
Born 07/10/1971

From our first trip to Africa (Botswana), in 1993, was born a true passion !
Since then, for more than twenty years, we have traveled in Africa (Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, ...).
We regularly attend refresher courses and specialization.


15/02/2015 - Silvana S. (Florence, Italy)
La mia Africa. Il Kenya uno dei paesi più belli del mondo. Non ci sono vie di mezzo o si ama o si odia. Per me è stato e sarà sempre amore a prima vista

22/01/2016 - Didier B. (Grasse, France)
Bonjour Jean-Pierre, Que dire de notre merveilleuse aventure ? Que du bonheur !!! Une organisation parfaite...sur les traces des big five....on aura non seulement vu les big five, mais avec les petits modèles en prime... Et comme dirait James....on était plutôt sur les traces des big ten ;-) Encore merci pour ces souvenirs à jamais gravés dans nos mémoires. Il faudra remettre ça un jour. En espérant te revoir dans notre région. A bientôt Didier

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